We increase the chance for a harmonious separation.

At this very crucial time in our lives we can often operate from a low level of personal resourcefulness and narrow perspectives, and it can appear hard, painful and with little chance for emotional freedom.

Transformative resolution coaching can change all this, shifting your mindset, attitude and actions on the entire experience. 

What We Do

Our objective is for you to experience an easier, less emotionally challenging separation process, where you and your ex- partner are able to talk in harmony and with clarity. The benefits are that you experience greater resilience and more peace of mind about the future.

We do this by introducing you to the basic principles of the human mind and to seeing something new and different about how our minds work.

There are usually 3 phases to our work. We work separately with each party, and then in the alignment phase we bring you together into the same conversation

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1. Intake

How do you see it now?

Individually, we explore your current situation; the status of your separation and your expectations of what you would like to happen. And as well as listening to your concerns and desires, we are also listening insightfully for how you relate to your situation and your world view of how people have well-being and clarity, and how we create resolution.


2. Awareness

Realising the illusion

We enable you to have a realisation about your understanding of how the human mind works. The implications of this allow you to see any aspect of your separation (and life in general) with new perspective and clarity.


3. Alignment

A new way forward

At this stage we bring both parties into the same conversation. And from your new mindsets, we facilitate a conversation about your wishes and a create a way forward.

This 3 stage process is how we often work with clients, however, we always ensure our intervention is relevant and bespoke to your needs. So contact us to have a conversation.

Get to Know Us

We've been where you are

We are coaches with a few things in common:

  • We've been through our own separations and divorces.

  • We've seen the power this understanding of the mind can bring to situations like separation, but also to life in general. 

  • So much so, that we've now focused our entire professional development on it.

  • We want you, your (ex) partner, and family to see the simplicity. 

 We are SeparationSimplified.

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"My transformative coaching has been invaluable to me in navigating the difficulties of my divorce with much greater ease and far less strain and upset than I could ever have imagined was possible. I learned about this approach independently of my ex-husband, and in spite of his uncompromising and controlling behaviour this has transformed my experience of those, and other, challenges. It has been life-changing for me"

"It is hard to express quite how much this has enabled me to see things differently. I only wish we had discovered it before, it would have saved so much emotion, time and money"

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