How is this different to mediation?

Mediation is effective by creating an environment where two parties can attempt to find a more constructive way to express their wishes and needs, the structure of the intervention allows both parties to be heard without interruption or judgement, this can stimulate a new perspective and therefore lead to a resolution.  

With transformative resolution coaching, you will experience the following differences:

  •  A shift from compromise to consensus

  • A shift from muted resentment to a more neutral genuine acceptance 

  • A shift from a comparison of separate worlds where each party is trying to convince or influence, to the creation of new joint shared view where there are more shared perspectives 

  • A shift from the focus being on a specific resolution on the current issues, to creating a foundation for a more harmonious future

Is this therapy?

No. Traditional therapy focuses on the issues or problems that each party brings and attempts to get people to have a re-framed view or acceptance on the perceived source of these issues and on their world view and how they see things. 

Whereas, this transformative work is more 'upstream'and enables us to see that our thoughts and feelings can mislead us, and that we have the ability to have well-being regardless to the external situation. 

Traditional therapy requires an openness for people to share their inner most narratives, in this approach we don't require any delving into the past or personal sharing.

What happens if only one of us wants to do it, or one of us backs out?

In an ideal world both parties would embrace this understanding together, however if one person is unwilling there are still significant benefits for the  individual. Many of our clients have realised these benefits independently, and have experienced the value of it extending to the family as a whole.

Are we 'too hard' to help?

It may sometimes look like to you that your situation is beyond repair, that your views are entrenched and any possible harmony or mutually agreed resolution is very unlikely. So there is no point in trying. 

We don't see that any relationship is fixed, regardless to how closed and cynical you might be to start with. The transformation that can occur from this approach is non linear and not based on trying to get someone to rationalise their view, or on'persuading' them they should think a different way. Instead it is based on people having a realised and insightful understanding about how the human mind works and how realisations occur.  

What are your fees?

The service we offer is quite bespoke.  We can give you an estimation following a quick phone call about your situation.

Our clients tell us that the financial investment in this process is relatively insignificant compared to the potential cost and fees of the settlement. 

Peace of Mind  - whereas we can't quite offer a money back guarantee if you don't get your desired resolution, we do believe in being of value, so if you don't think our service has been valuable,  we will discuss a refund for you.