Separation Resolution Coaching:
Sample Programme

Job Interview

Session 1:
Individual Intake

Individually, we will explore your current situation; the status of your separation, your expectations of what you would like to happen and listen to your concerns and desires. We will also listen insightfully for how you relate to your situation and your general world view of how you think people create resolution, clarity, and well-being.

Flower in Sunlight

Sessions 2-5:
1-1 Transformation

We enable you to have a realisation about your understanding of how the human mind works. The implications of this allows you to see any aspect of your separation (and life in general) with new perspective and clarity. Sessions are 90 minutes.

Couple in Mediation

Sessions 6-7: Bringing Parties Together

At this stage, if appropriate, we bring both parties into the same conversation. And from your new mindsets we facilitate a conversation about your wishes and enable you to create a way forward.

Rocks of Balance

Sessions 8-9: 
Follow-up Support

These 60-minute sessions are to help you individually, or jointly, continue seeing the implications of your realised understanding and help you with your clarity and resilience moving forward.

How long does it take?

The elapsed time of these sessions is bespoke, however, typically sessions 1-5 are over 4-6 weeks, sessions 6-7 over two weeks, and sessions 8-9 over 3 months.

Integration and liaison with your lawyer

Lawyers often refer our clients to us. And whereas of course we are not legal experts, we have a good understanding of the divorce process and legalities. Prior to sessions 6-7 we will (if consented) talk to your lawyer to understand where you are in your legal proceedings and what needs to be agreed upon to move forward.


The fee for the programme as described above is £5,000, excluding any agreed venue and subsistence costs. All programmes are bespoke. Individual programmes are also available from £2,500. 


We can work both face to face in central London, or virtually on video and phone.  For Sessions 6&7, ideally we require a face to face arrangement.