The Benefits -Transforming the Way We Experience Separation & Divorce

Dealing with the 'Ex'

This can be one of the biggest challenges for separating couples.  The other party can seem irrational, unfair, and stubborn.  They seem to be able to 'trigger' your low state of mind. All at a time when you need to be in an open, high quality dialogue about your future lives and families. This can have huge implications for the financial settlement and child custody. Our work:

  • Increases the speed, and quality of outcomes of any separation agreements

  • Gives you more neutrality to deal with seemingly irrational behaviours, mood swings or viewpoints 

  • Resentful compromise moves to mutually understood consensus

  • It can make it possible to have a harmonious future relationship, which benefits the whole family for the rest of your lives.

Distanced Couple
Underwater Dive

More Resilience

Separation, at its best requires a change in circumstances, and its worst catapults you into a world you don't want, and can't survive in, let alone thrive, in.

We show our clients how resilience works. This leads to a greater resourcefulness to handle any circumstances, and to get on with life. Even in situations that at first may seem daunting or even impossible to reconcile with, this work helps you create new mindsets, perspectives and behaviours.

More Clarity

We often procrastinate as to what the next step is. We get conflicted over what we need for our self, the children and what we feel is justified and 'right'  - we bounce between expediency and 'holding our ground'. At a time when we need it most, clarity often seems to desert us.

  • Discover why some times what to do looks obvious, and sometimes it feels confusing and complicated; understand where your clarity comes from

  • Distinguish between 'certainty' and 'clarity' and see how the unknown can often be more powerful than the known

  • Have a greater sense of peace of mind with regards to your clarity (or even your temporary lack of it)

Forest Trees

Quite simply, you will experience a greater level of resourcefulness and well-being, and easier and more mutual resolution agreements. This can save huge amounts of emotional stress, money, and most importantly for many, your children's welfare