Get to Know Us

We are coaches with a few things in common:

  • We've been through our own separations and divorces.

  • We've seen the power this understanding of the mind can bring to situations like separation, but also to life in general. 

  • So much so, that we've now focused our entire professional development on it.

  • We want you, your (ex) partner, and family to see the simplicity. 

 We are SeparationSimplified.

Meet the Team

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Piers Thurston

Piers is a specialist in state of mind and mindset transformation.  Enabling individuals, and organisations to significantly increase their levels of clarity, connection, creativity, motivation and resilience. With 16 years, and over 6000 coaching hours, under his belt he has experience, expertise and versatility.   He has studied and trained in many disciplines over the years. Now all his work is based from the grounding of The 3 Principles. He is a divorced Dad of two children.


Deborah Fisher

Deborah has worked in education for over 20 years, teaching languages and supporting students with learning difficulties to achieve their potential. When she found herself in the midst of an unavoidably difficult divorce, apart from the legal advice of an solicitor, the single most helpful factor in navigating the emotional turbulence of acrimonious legal proceedings was her understanding of the Inside-Out Paradigm. Encouraged and inspired by the impact of this understanding, Deborah completed a two-year practitioner training course with a view to helping others who are struggling with similar life challenges. She teaches on the faculty of the One Thought Practitioner Training and works as an associate practitioner at the Innate Health Centre. She also runs a support group for people going through acrimonious divorces. She is the proud mother of two teenage sons, whose innate health, wisdom and kind, joyful natures are a constant source of inspiration to her.

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Rena Loizou

Rena has more than 20 years’ experience in retail buying and merchandising and has held a number of senior executive positions in the retail sector. Rena has a longstanding passion for understanding how the human mind works and what drives behaviour which led her to study and obtain a degree in Psychology, and subsequently study and train in counselling skills and a number of other personal development disciplines. As a Transformative Mindset Coach, she now works with individuals and businesses using the Inside-Out Paradigm of the human mind as the basis of her work. Rena is also a mother of two young boys and having been through separation and divorce, has a deep appreciation of how an insightful understanding of the inside-out nature of the human mind can have a transformative effect on the entire experience.